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Fundamental Values

►Pioner in Education and Research

High academic quality that encourages the desire for learning and research that contributes to universal science and the formation of national culture,

►Quality Oriented

In accordance with the corporate culture; To continue continuous improvement activities in the fields of education, research and social service according to the needs and requirements of the age,


To carry out corporate decision-making processes by ensuring internal and external stakeholder participation,

►Environmentally Friendly

To pay attention to the protection and improvement of the environment while developing and offering products and services,

►Inquiring and Innovative

Seeking originality in science; An inquisitive, critical, innovative contemporary approach that will serve the needs of society and humanity in developments in research, education and technology,

►Responsible Towards People and Society

Centering on embracing national values, all kinds of views and thoughts can be expressed in peace and tolerance; a universal approach that sees differences as richness and opposes all kinds of discrimination;

To offer the information, technology and services produced for the benefit of society through internal and external stakeholders,

►Committed to Merit and Ethical Values

To center universal, scientific, academic and professional ethical values;

To glorify success, talent, work and effort; To carry out selection and evaluations on the basis of competencies and considering objectivity,

►High Corporate Affiliation

To be an institution that we are proud to be a member of and that can bear the responsibility of this,

►Dependent on History and Culture

To have a sensitive approach towards historical, cultural, national and spiritual values,

►Aware of Regional and Global Responsibilities

With its units and human resources, it adopts being sensitive to the physical, economic, strategic and social conditions of the country, nearby geography and world problems and being able to produce solutions as its basic values.