Message from the Dean

New advancements in engineering in today’s world are at a pace never seen before. As ALKU Rafet Kayış Faculty of Engineering, we contribute to this momentum with designing new systems and technology in order to help build a better future.


Our role as educators is to enable our students to transform their engineering education into a talent that will benefit our society. Our main goal is to train leading engineers who will keep their research spirit alive, will always be aware of social and universal values, and will shape the future. Our greatest strength in achieving this is our faculty. We are able to offer students the most up-to-date engineering curriculum with our dynamic and internationally experienced academicians.


In beautiful Alanya, which is one of the most distinguished places of our country with its historical, cultural and natural heritage, we continue to provide education and research activities in our Kestel campus. The mosaic created by our students from all over the country and our international students gives us strength. Offering ten undergraduate degrees, we are a big family with our students and all our employees. What we do in the name of education, design and technology allows us to look to the future with hope. I invite everyone who wants to be a part of this family to discover Rafet Kayış Faculty of Engineering.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet GÜMÜŞ

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