Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University was established on April 23, 2015 with the decision published on the official newspaper. The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been started teaching in 2018 by admitting 80 students, 20 of which is international students. The education language in our department is %100 English.





Our main mission is to educate individuals who are able to produce solutions related to social and universal problems, think analytically; who are equipped with basic engineering knowledge, analytical thinking and design capability, who carry professional and ethical responsibility, and who aim to be nationally and internationally successful in all aspects.



Our department will be a pioneering department that researches and transforms the results of research into publications and technology through universal and ethical criteria, for the benefit of our country and humanity.


What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the earliest engineering branch in history.  Mechanical engineers have knowledge about design, manufacturing, production planning, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair and operation of all kinds of mechanical systems and they have a lot of work opportunities ranging from air conditioning-cooling systems to automotive, casting technology to artificial intelligence, nanotechnology to biomechanical applications.


Why Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineers are employed in public and private sectors in Turkey. Main working areas are defense industry, white goods industry, automotive industry, construction and shipping industry, medical industry and energy sector. The main goal of the education given to mechanical engineers is to gain a physical, mathematical and analytical point of view against engineering systems and problems, and to handle them with practical skills.


Mechanical Engineering Department Members




Asst. Professor Fatih DARICIK

Assistant Professor Fatih DARICIK received his BS degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Çukurova University in 2007 and his MSc and PhD degree from Cumhuriyet University in 2011 and 2017, respectively. He worked as a responsible production engineer in the plastic textile sector and consultant in the natural gas sector between 2005 and 2009. He worked as a lecturer at Cumhuriyet University Sivas Vocational School in 2009 and as a research assistant in Adana Science and Technology University, Department of Mechanical Engineering between 2012-2017. He has carried out experimental and numerical studies on the mechanics of continuous fiber reinforced and polymer matrix layered composite materials in his master and doctoral thesis studies. In his thesis titled "Fatigue Behavior of Nano Particle-Reinforced E-glass Fiber / Epoxy Composite Materials", he worked on improving the interfacial fracture toughness of E-glass fiber / epoxy layer composites under static and fatigue loads with multi-wall carbon nanotube particles. Dr. Darıcık continues to work on the production of layered composite materials, their mechanical characterization and damage mechanisms.






Asst. Professor Sefa YILDIRIM

Assistant Professor Sefa YILDIRIM received his BS degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Manisa Celal Bayar University in 2010 and his MSc and PhD from Çukurova University in 2013 and 2017 respectively. He worked on the mechanics of layered composites within the scope of master's thesis. His PhD studies are on free and forced vibrations of circular structures made from functional graded materials. He has got some other studies on bonding mechanics. Dr. Sefa Yıldırım worked in the private sector in the R & D department. He has been in Çukurova University in Department of Mechanical Engineering between 2011-2018 as a research assistant.




Asst. Professor Bertan BEYLERGİL

Assistant Professor Bertan BEYLERGİL received his BS degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Dokuz Eylül University in 2006, his MSc degree from Niğde University in 2013 and his PhD degree from İzmir Institute of Technology in 2017. He worked as a research assistant in Niğde University Mechanical Engineering Department and İzmir Institute of Technology between 2008-2013 and 2013-2017, respectively. After receiving his PhD degree, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Sabancı University. Dr. Bertan Beylergil has carried out experimental and numerical studies on methods of improving fracture toughness by using fiber reinforced composites, adhesive bonds and nanofibers in fiber reinforced composites during his master and doctoral thesis. During his PhD, he worked at TÜBİTAK 1001 Project titled "Optimization of designing and prototyping of high pressure resistant light composite tank materials and systems for hydrogen storage and distribution". He worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Sabancı University in the Project “Automated repair patch production for composites”. Dr. Beylergil continues to work on hybrid composites, sandwich constructions and their experimental and numerical studies.




Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University is a young, dynamic, qualified university that is improving day by day since its foundation. Our university has education, research and development facilities with its newly established and developing laboratories which possess various state-of-the-art equipment. With its increasing number of dynamic and well-qualified academic staff, the university is carrying out both national and international high-quality scientific research.

Our University administration gives importance to a management approach with loyalty to universal values and service for human-beings. Its priority is to provide its students and academic staff, education- and scientific research-oriented environment with socio-cultural activities. Our University aims to give qualified graduates who are make use of their wisdom and scientific-experience to solve the problems of their region and country, to enhance the peace and prosperity of the society and its sustainable development.

It is recommended that the individuals would better to consider the opportunities of the city where the university is located, when they decide their university in which they will stay for four years. Moreover, if possible you could visit the universities, its departments and its surroundings to evaluate the opportunity, before making your choice. In this respect, Alanya is one of the most modern county in Turkey with a large potential. Thanks to being a tourism region, it possesses large social-activities like a big city.

Transportation to Alanya is easy by international and domestic flights. It takes about 40 minutes by bus from Alanya to Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport and about 2 hours to Antalya International Airport. There are also buses arriving to Alanya bus terminal from all of the major cities of Turkey. Transportation to ALKU campus is available by city buses (numbers 101 & 202) within Alanya. Although Alanya isn’t an industrialized county, many large industrial areas in Antalya, Konya, Mersin, Adana, Gaziantep, Kayseri are in proximity. This brings many opportunities to make contact with big companies not only for summer-internship, but also for job application near graduation. You may give preference to Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University as it is an institution that provides educational, scientific and social accumulation.

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