Double Major Undergraduate Program

Our academically successful students are able to benefit from the "Minor Program" which allows them to specialize in other areas of our specialization, and the "Double Major Program" which is possible to obtain a bachelor's degree in a second program.



Department of Computer Engineering is also contributing to Erasmus programs, which is one of the important ways of cultural conformity in terms of the harmonization processes of our country in the European Union. By means of the bilateral agreements between our University and other European Universities, our department aims to increase the number of students that will be educated in the European Universities. This program intends to contribute to fulfillment of the cultural and scientific integration, and provision of multidisciplinary scientific studies during their education for our students.

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Mevlana Exchange Program makes it possible to exchange students and teaching staff between higher education institutions locating in Turkey and higher education institutions abroad. With the Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated August 23, 2011 and numbered 28034, the exchange of students and teaching staff between the higher education institutions abroad and the higher education institutions in our country has been enabled.

Unlike some other exchange programs, mobility within this program comprises universities all over the world, without any geographical distinction.

Computer Engineering students who want to participate in this exchange program are required to study at least one and maximum two semesters. The instructors can take advantage of the program to teach at higher education institutions in the world for a period of at least 1 week and a maximum of 3 months. Likewise, students and faculty members from all regions of the world may come to higher education institutions in Turkey.

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In brief, "Farabi Exchange Program" , is a program opportunity of exchange of students and faculty members among the universities and high-technology institutions at the level of associate, bachelor, master and doctorate programs.

The Farabi Exchange Program aims to enable students or faculty members to continue their education and training activities at a higher education institution outside their institutions during one or two semesters.

Students who take part in the Farabi Exchange Program receive gratuitous scholarships while the faculty members have additional course fee.

The principles regarding the implementation of the Farabi Exchange Program have been elaborated by the Regulation and the Principles and Procedures.

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