History of The Department:

The Department of Computer Engineering is one of the first departments of the engineering faculty which was established in 2010.

The Department started to accept the first students to the undergraduate program in the 2016-2017 academic year. Starting from the 2018-2019 academic year, the Undergraduate program will be in English.


With our student-focused Undergraduate Computer Engineering program, which is planned such that the graduates can easily keep-up with the demands of the new era, we aim to graduate engineers who are both good at thinking systematically and analytically in engineering problems and strong in social aspect.

Undergraduate Program:

The language of the program is English. Students who has sufficient English starts the undergraduate program directly, while students with insufficient English attends the English Prep class before starting to the undergraduate program.

Our undergraduate program is 4 academic years or 8 semesters. In the first two years of the undergraduate program, mainly adaptation to engineering, basic engineering and basic computer engineering courses are given. The next two academic years are mainly computer engineering courses. It is aimed that by means of the compulsory courses students obtain theoretical and practical background and by means of the technical elective courses students are more specialized in their field of interest in Computer Engineering.

With the non-technical elective courses offered in our undergraduate program, students have the opportunity to continue their development and activities in different areas of interest.

Our program also includes compulsory courses such as Engineering Ethics, IT Law, Occupational Health and Safety, Entrepreneurship and Innovation which are required to meet the social needs of engineering.

Students who have successfully completed our four-year undergraduate program are entitled to receive a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a Computer Engineer title.


Head of Our Department


Name and Surname: Asst. Prof. Dr. Özge ÖZTİMUR KARADAĞ


Faculty: Engineering Faculty


Deparment: Computer Engineering


E-mail: ozge.karadag@alanya.edu.tr      


Phone: 0(242) 510 60 60 / 2530





Job Opportunities and Working Areas of Graduates

The graduates of the program can either continue their studies in graduate programs or they can work in one of the positions in the market which is related to computer engineering and information systems. In this respect, graduates can take position in the fields such as; hardware design and production, software design and production, database design and management, system analysis, network engineer, network programming, computer game design and programming, mobile application development, data mining and etc.  There is a huge demand in these fields in the market. Almost all of the firms have an IT department and mostly computer engineers are employed in these departments.

Observing the most rising firms in the industry nationally and internationally, it is seen that most of those firms are related to information systems. In the last 20 years, firms that generate the most income and employment nationally and internationally are the firms in information systems. 


Why Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering is a rapidly developing young science discipline born out of applied mathematics and electronics engineering in the 20th century. Today, computer and computer based technology has entered into every aspect of life and it has become an indispensable requirement. This has increased the need for computer engineers and computer engineering has become one of today's most popular professions.



Computer Engineering is mainly concerned with making the necessary analysis to solve a problem, designing, developing, implementing, testing and producing the system for solution.


Because Computer Engineering is a rapidly developing science, it is important that graduates be engineers who can quickly adapt to new systems and technologies and renew themselves. Therefore, in computer engineering education, it is aimed that the graduates not only learn the basic theoretical and practical knowledge, but they also gain experience on the methods for conducting research and accessing information.


Computer Science

In our country, most of the Computer Engineering departments are provided with training covering the whole of computer science including both software and hardware topics. In this world of education, 'Computer Science' and 'Computer Engineering' departments can come out separately. Software Engineering in Computer Science is also a science that deals with software and software processes.


Sub-areas of computer engineering

  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Programming languages
  • Computer Architecture
  • Scientific calculation
  • Operating systems
  • Inform data management
  • Graphics, viewing, and Multimedia
  • Computer Networks
  • Intelligent Systems


Employment Opportunities

Computer Engineering graduates are information and network security experts, software designers, systems analysts, software engineers, system engineers, internet engineers in various public and private organizations operating in the fields of management, education, industry and commerce, banks preparing computer hardware and software It can operate.

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